Thanks for supporting Hungerthon! Check back in fall 2017 for exciting new Hungerthon gear, auctions and more!

Hungerthon is an annual Thanksgiving radio tradition started in 1975 by WhyHunger to raise awareness about hunger and poverty and to invest in long-term solutions that help people in need in communities across America. Each fall, we invite YOU to be part of the solution and help end hunger in America.

Join WhyHunger, our media partners, celebrity ambassadors and fans across the country in our decades-old Hungerthon tradition to fight for everyone's right to nutritious food with exclusive online auctions, signature merchandise, social media activation and a live radiothon broadcast in November 2017!

Special thanks to our radio partners, the backbone of Hungerthon, for their vital role in fighting hunger in America. Special thanks to Yoko Ono Lennon for her important role in our Hungerthon tradition. Mrs. Lennon generously allows WhyHunger to use "Imagine There's No Hunger", along with John Lennon's self-portrait and signature, as a theme for our Hungerthon gifts in support of our work to combat childhood hunger and poverty around the world.

Make a donation now to help the nearly 1 in 8 Americans and over 13 million children facing hunger get the healthy food they need and to support sustainable solutions to end hunger. Funds raised through Hungerthon support innovative community-based solutions to hunger across the US to ensure everyone has access to nutritious food and communities are able to build a future free from hunger. Learn more at

Thank you for making a difference!